To encourage and assist with discerning your mission involvement we include some additional web resources for mission organizations looking for people just like you.

Trinity on the Border

Outreach in Harlingen, Texas
Your parish can collect and put together hygiene bags to assist refugees at the border of Texas and Mexico.  We partner with Trinity on the Border mission who distributes about 250 bags a week.

For more information, contact
Rev. Mike Williams at

Sharing of Ministries Abroad SOMA- USA

Building Up Leadership Worldwide
SOMA, Sharing of Ministries Abroad, sends missions to the clergy and leaders of Diocese across the Anglican Communion.

For more information contact
Kyle Spradley at

True Awakening

Feeding the Children of Malawi
True Awakenings feeds the children of the schools in the Diocese of Northern Malawi

For more information contact
Bob Priest at

Anglican Global Mission Partners

Feeling a call to mission, but don’t know where to begin?
Try the AGMP Mission Match to help match your missional passion with the right agency to begin your missional journey.

For more information contact
Lollie Twyman at