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    Beautiful custom fabric is available.

    The fabric you see here was commissioned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our relationship between the Diocese of Ft. Worth and the Diocese of Northern Malawi. It has the Official Seal of both Diocese, This 43" x 76" limited edition custom print fabric is available from the World Mission Committee email Kristi Heffron at

    Show your love. Makes a great wall hanging, flag, or as a wrap around skirt.

    Your Prayer is Needed

    Prayers of thanksgiving for Martín Cordova for his leadership as Director of La Gran Familia.   Thank God for the positive, Christian, nurturing, and structured atmosphere at LGF. Please pray for safety and security of those most precious children, youth, and employees of La Gran Familia in this time of severe unrest in Cuauhtémoc.  Pray for God's angels to surround the alberque and Cristo Rey Anglicana in order that no harm come to them that love Him.  Ask these things in Jesus name.

  • World Mission News

    Team from Christ The Redeemer visits Malawi in June


    Our Companion Relationship continues to grow strong as teams take the time to visit and deliver our love in person.


  • La Gran Familia News

    6 Reasons Why Higher Education Works at LGF

    By Glenn Polhemus

    Twenty Eighteen will mark 20 years at LGF. We want to spend the year celebrating all of our achievements. We will be retelling stories of some of the children from the early days of LGF and where they are now. Additionally, we will officially mark our 20 years in October with a dinner celebration.

    Tom and Fran Gregg have been supporters of

    LGF for a long time. It began many years ago with the donation of a “highly used” Ford pickup for Fr. Greg Spinks, our founder. Fran recently wrote that they support LGF because “we are seeing former street children graduating from high school, college, and graduate school and working. Wow!!!” My first reaction was that Fran was getting carried away, but after musing on her statement, I decided she might be seeing things more clearly that I was.

    So far, LGF has generated the following college graduates:

    1 Masters in Business Administration

    2 Registered Nurses

    1 Bachelor in Engineering

    Presently we have:

    1 in Medical School

    1 studying Architecture

    This summer we will have three more entering the university who have lived at LGF since they were in pre-school.

    Here are the 6 reasons why higher education is working at LGF. God has provided us with the following:

    1. Vision - Fr. Greg emphasized that the only way out of the grinding poverty in which our kids were born is through education to the highest level each can achieve.

    2. Financial Stability - LGF has developed regular income to provide education through a strong donor base and investments in the United States.

    3. A Building - In 2013 FECHAC, a cooperative of corporate donors in Chihuahua gave a large part of the $4,000,000 pesos needed to construct our new building that has a dormitory, class rooms, a library, and computer lab. We also received gifts from Alsuper, a Mexican grocery chain, and OXXO, a chain of convenience stores in Mexico and the state of Chihuahua.

    4. A Superior Staff - Martin Cordova has assembled a fine group that cares for the 40 children. They treat their work as ministry, not jobs.

    5. Tutors – We have a staff of five tutors who work with the kids five hours a day for six days a week. Three are teachers in the local school system.

    6. Inexpensive Schools – We send our students to the best private high school in town, La Salle. This costs about $682 dollars per student per year and the University of Chihuahua in Cuauhtémoc for about $525 per student per year. Compared to U.S. schools these are huge bargains. By using the gifts God has provided for LGF, our children are encouraged to excel scholastically. They are probably pushed harder to do well in school than even the “rich kids” of the city. It is gratifying to see the results!

    Our marvelous tutors!


    Reprint from LGF January Newsletter

  • Northern Malawi News

    What I learned about God in Malawi

    By Marlee F., 8 years old

    In Malawi there was a lot to see and do, but I learned a few things on the way too.

    For starters, God’s beauty is shown all around the world, but it’s shown especially in Malawi. Malawi is the most wonderful and gorgeous place I have ever been to (and our family likes to travel).

    I also learned that even though we’re not worshiping the same way, we’re worshiping for the same reason. When I heard their singing and saw their dancing, I knew they couldn’t love God more.

    Another thing I learned is God is something different to everyone. To them God is a provider of food, health, and protection. After being in Malawi, to me God is a ruler and protector of his people, doing everything for them. I now see God as a helper in my life and a connector between me and the people of Malawi. He connected our hearts through our worship together, and now that has changed my prayers from being mostly about me to mostly about them.

    I really enjoyed our visit. The people especially made it great, with their kindness and hospitality. I want and would love to go back.


    Marlee with Fr. Mwale’s daughter, Juliete (age 9) center and her friend. Fr. Mwale has been St. Laurence’s Centurion Priest Partner for many years.


    Marlee, at a primary school on Likoma Island, shares dance moves with the school kids. (See them “dab!”)


  • Equipping News

    Introduction to Mission The first step for leaders and teams preparing for short-term missions Sunday, February 11, 2018 and Sunday February 18, 2018 5:00-8:00 pm Dinner will be served Saint Barnabas Church 8425 Parkwood Hill Blvd Fort Worth, TX Do you feel God calling you to participate in mission? Are you interested in Getting involved in the mission partnerships of the Diocese Participating in a short-term mission trip Reaching out to those in your community Reaching out with God's love to those in need through disaster relief Start Here Register today Email Kristi Heffron Presented by The World Mission Committee

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