A Message from Bishop Magangani on the importance of the Diocesan Relationship and the Centurion Partnership Program

Opportunities for Partnership and Relationship

The Centurion Program is the cornerstone of the relationship with the Diocese of Northern Malawi.  The he Centurion Program supports the monthly stipends of the clergy in the Diocese of Northern Malawi by connecting a Diocese of Fort Worth church with a clergy member of the Diocese of Northern Malawi in prayer, relationship, and support of stipend.

The Annual contribution for each church is $200 a month or $2400.  This assists the Diocese of Northern Malawi in covering the stipends for all 52 clergy, (there are more Malawi clergy than Fort Worth supporting churches)  The total amount needed each month is $8000

Any amount a church can contribute is appreciated; there are some churches that are able to commit to more, and some who commit to less.  All the monies are combined to meet the $8000 per month need and relationship with the clergy continues through mutual prayer.

Over the years we have seen many congregations approach the fundraising for their Centurion commitment in many creative ways.  The WMC is eager to provide you with support and information as well as an update on your Centurion partner.  Please contact Angela Fraser for more information and consider inviting a member of the Malawi Committee to come and share with your congregation.

Angela Fraser

Chosen and Sent
Growing our Centurion Relationships

This video provides a glimpse into the life and challenges of the clergy in the Diocese of Northern Malawi.