Focus on our Youth

Melany, Fanny, Divany

Sisters Welcomed into La Gran Familia

Three sisters were recently brought to La Gran Familia by their grandmother. She was unable to take care of them. Their alcoholic mother works in a bar and left the girls alone to wander the streets. They very seldom ever went to school. Melany and Divany are twins. Their birthday is July 6th. Their older sister Fanny’s birthday is January 20th. They are all now in school and doing well. The twins are in elementary 5th grade and Fanny is in the 6th grade. Please pray for Fanny’s health. Her tonsils are swollen, and she is seeing an ENT doctor.

Melany’s favorite thing to do is play ball in the courtyard! She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Divany loves her school group. She says she wants to be a great doctor when she grows up so that she can heal people of their pain! Fanny likes to read, play soccer in the courtyard, paint, and help clean the shelter. She also wants to be a doctor when she grows up!

According to the LGF director Martin these girls have shown a very noticeable improvement in their behavior and self-care since coming to LGF one month ago. Love changes the hardest heart, heals its ailments, restores its fractures. Thank the Lord for his ministry at La Gran Familia. It is a blessing to those who live and work there.


Esmeralda (Esme)

Esme came to live at La Gran Familia when she was 2 years old. She came with her 2 brothers, Carlos and Rigo and her sister, Gabriela (Gaby). Their parents could not afford to take proper care of them. Esme and her sister, Gaby had head lice so bad that their heads had to be shaved.

The staff of La Gran Familia took them in and raised them in a loving environment. When they were of the age to start school, they did very well! As they got older, they also did a great job of looking after the younger boys and girls that lived at LGF. They followed the good examples of the LGF staff.

Esme graduated from high school in the spring of 2020 and is now attending the University of Juarez, Cuauhtemoc Campus. She is studying education. During the summer, LGF hired her to work with the LGF tutors. She has been tutoring the third graders and loves it!

Please pray for Esme as she continues her studies, that she stays safe and well.

Jorge, Sara, Oliver

Update on Jorge, Sara, and Oliver

In the March 2021 issue of The Good News of La Gran Familia there was a story about 3 siblings, Jorge who is 11, Sara who is 8, and Oliver who is 2. They had been left strapped to a bed by their mother when she went to work. They had bruises on their faces from the stepfather. They were found by the Mexican CPS and taken to La Gran Familia. They were very hungry as they had not eaten in a while.

They have been at LGF since January and are loved and cared for by the wonderful nurturing staff that work there! They have many new friends to play with! They have the benefit of eating 3 good meals each day. They have access to a daily shower. They have clean clothes to wear! They can go to school and church! When they need medical attention, it is available.

Jorge, Sara, and Oliver are very happy to be living at La Gran Familia! God is good!!

La Gran Familia First Communions, Baptisms, and Confirmations!

Saturday, June 12th, was a very exciting day for La Gran Familia! Eleven of the boys and girls were either baptized, received their first communion, or were confirmed! What a blessing! If they were not living at La Gran Familia and were still living in poverty or in a mentally or physically abusive situation, chances are they would have not been blessed to know Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God that the boys and girls living at La Gran Familia are experiencing a loving, nurturing, Christian home. They have so many advantages available to them. They have a bed to sleep in, 3 meals a day, clean clothes, a place to take a shower every day, a safe place to play with many “brothers and sisters”, tutors when needed, and medical care when they need it. They attend church! They attend school, some through college level! There are 3 that will enter college in August, Ana, Adriana, and Roberto. Some have already graduated from the University of Juarez, Cuauhtemoc Campus and are productive citizens of their community!