Focus on the Children

Meet Abel

Abel came live at La Gran Familia because there was no school for him to attend where he lived. Abel’s father brought him to LGF so that he could get an education and have friends his age. He is now 12 years old and in the first year of secondaria (Junior High). His favorite subject is science! He loves the study of different animals. At the moment, he is studying the extinction of polar bears. He is looks forward to being a veterinarian when he grows up! He takes good care of the 3 dogs at LGF.

His favorite things to do at La Gran Familia are to play futbol and ride a bike! He plays soccer for the city team Bravos. He loves it when Director Martin takes him and the other kids along with their bikes up to the mountains to ride on the trails there!

Another thing he loves about living at LGF is hanging out with Lalo. Lalo is the “Dorm Dad”. He knows how to fix just about everything! Abel feels like he is learning so much from Lalo!

Abel’s dad moved to Chihuahua City which is about an hour from LGF. He comes to visit Abel once a month on weekends. Abel seems very happy at La Gran Familia!

Update on Adriana

Adriana came to live at La Gran Familia in August of 2018. She was 15 years old. Her parents are 2 elderly people. They do not have stable jobs. Her mother cannot walk due to health problems. Her father came to La Gran Familia to ask for help for Adriana to continue her studies as he did not have money to pay for her schooling.

While living at LGF she has been a great companion to the other children and youth! She helps the little ones with whatever they need. She has enjoyed going to school. After graduating from high school in January of 2022, she is now attending the university in Cuauhtémoc. Her major is education, and she is doing quite well!

During vacation times she was working in the operational area of a company. Recently she was promoted to an office position!
La Gran Familia has been such a blessing to Adriana!

Melany, Fanny, Divany

Update on sisters Melany, Fanny, and Divany

These 3 sisters were brought to La Gran Familia by their grandmother in the winter of 2022. She was unable to take care of them. Their alcoholic mother worked in a bar and left the girls alone to wander the streets. They very seldom ever went to school. Melany and Divany are twins and are in the 5th grade. Fanny is in the 6th grade.

They loved being at La Gran Familia and the opportunity to go to school every day! They loved playing soccer in the courtyard with the other children at LGF. Divany loved her school group. Fanny loved to read, paint, and help clean the shelter! They have dreams of being professionals when they grow up!

Unfortunately, they no longer live at La Gran Familia. Their mother came and got them recently. They are now living in Creel with their grandmother as the mother is still suffering from alcoholism.

Pray that they have learned what a better life is by living at La Gran Familia for a few months and that they will keep their new habits in their daily lives and new dreams for the future in their goals while living with their grandmother in Creel!