La Gran Familia First Communions, Baptisms, and Confirmations!

Saturday, June 12th, was a very exciting day for La Gran Familia! Eleven of the boys and girls were either baptized, received their first communion, or were confirmed! What a blessing! If they were not living at La Gran Familia and were still living in poverty or in a mentally or physically abusive situation, chances are they would have not been blessed to know Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God that the boys and girls living at La Gran Familia are experiencing a loving, nurturing, Christian home. They have so many advantages available to them. They have a bed to sleep in, 3 meals a day, clean clothes, a place to take a shower every day, a safe place to play with many “brothers and sisters”, tutors when needed, and medical care when they need it. They attend church! They attend school, some through college level! There are 3 that will enter college in August, Ana, Adriana, and Roberto. Some have already graduated from the University of Juarez, Cuauhtemoc Campus and are productive citizens of their community!


Young Adult’s

What do the LGF youth do when they graduate from high school??

Ricardo (Ricky) lives in the house with his older brother Lupe. In August he will begin his studies at the University of Chihuahua on scholarship. He will play soccer for them! In the interim, he is working at a cattle ranch.

Esmeralda (Esme) is taking off a semester from college to work and will return in August to continue her studies in education. Until then, she is managing a school supplies store in Cuauhtemoc.

Gabriela (Gaby) is studying education in online classes. She is working at a wine store.

Joel is working in a dental office.

Esme, Gaby, and Joel all live in an apartment within walking distance of La Gran Familia. LGF still helps them when needed. They all are working towards their goals to become productive citizens of their community!!