Focus on the Children

La Gran Familia Children

Angel, Sara, and Jorge are siblings. Two years ago, they were found by police strapped to a bed in their home. They were alone and had not eaten for quite some time. DIF which is the Mexican CPS brought them to La Gran Familia where they have stayed and been cared for. They now have a bed to sleep in, 3 meals each day, medical and psychological care, education, and a loving, Christian family to be a part of. They arrived January 30, 2021. Jorge was 11. Sara was 8. Angel was 2 years old. Police investigated the stepfather as the children had bruises on their heads and faces. Their mother was nowhere to be found. At first LGF head teacher Claudia, helped in the care of Angel at her home, as he was so young.

Now these three children are all in the care of La Gran Familia! Angel is now living there and going to Pre-K with the other 4-year-olds. He and Jorge and Angel have all adjusted quickly and love it there in the Big Family! They are doing well in school Pre-K through escuela secondaria (middle school for Jorge). Jorge and Sara enjoy playing futbol (soccer) on a local city team! Angel loves Pre-K!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful mothers here! Mother’s Day is May 14th. Please remember your mother, whether she is with us still or with her Savior Jesus Christ, by helping the children at La Gran Familia. Praise God that they have this wonderful Christian home in which to grow up. Mother’s Day Ingathering cards and envelopes should be in your church through May 14th. Please give to LGF, in any amount, in honor of your mom or a special woman in your life.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

Barbara Hautanen
Diocese of Fort Worth WMC
Mexico Sub-Committee Chair