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Email from the Director of LGF

I write to tell you that it is possible that next Monday we will have to once again lock down LGF.  No one will be allowed to leave or enter.  The hospitals are overflowing with patients in the city, and there are many infected people in the city.

Those who will be staying with the kids are Luisa, Lalo, Luz, Chela, and Martin.

The husband of Claudia (who is a nurse) already has Covid.  Claudia is in charge of the tutoring..  Claudia will not be coming to LGF for a while.  She will be at home.

The tutors will not be coming.  Today, I will talk with them.

Don’t worry about the schooling of the boys and girls.  We will be working with material that the schools have given us.

Gelacio (one of the members of the Mexican board of directors) has Covid and has been very ill.  His right lung has not recovered.

Yesterday they came to give us our flu vaccinations.

I will keep you informed of what we are going to do.

(Apparently none of the children have fallen ill.   JGP)

Martín Córdova
LGF Director