The Rt. Rev. Ryan S. Reed, D.D., Bishop of Fort Worth

Bishop Ry;an Reed

Participating in Global Mission on any level transforms our perspective of God and His plan for the nations. Seeing God at work in the world inspires and reminds us of our purpose and role in both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The World Mission Committee is appointed to provide resources to the congregations of the Diocese so that each church can receive the blessings participation in mission can bring.

The goal has always been for every church in the Diocese to participate in Global Mission in some way. Participation can be through prayer, financial support, or sending and receiving missionaries.

As a Diocese, we continue to focus on strategic partnerships and relationships in order to provide congregations with opportunities for engagement.

The Diocese seeks to support its neighbors in Mexico, its friends in Malawi; and now it is reaching towards countries where Christianity is a small minority, by beginning to partner in prayer with the Diocese of Mandalay in Myanmar.

I encourage every congregation to find ways to participate. Look through the pages of this Web site to see what God has already done and see where he may be calling you to join him.

Luisa and Lalo

Luisa and Lalo are the dorm parents at La Gran Familia. They and their boys live in the apartment that is in the middle of the dorm that houses the boys on one side and the girls on another. They have 4 boys. The oldest, Jaziel will start college in August. Josue is 14 years old. He will start Prepatorio (High School) in August. The youngest ones are twins Isaias and Isaac. They will start kindergarten in August!

Luisa started working at LGF in the kitchen 11 years ago. She cooked all the meals for the 40 boys and girls. She also helped them with their homework, took them to school and picked them up. She took care of them like a mom would. She took them to the doctor when they were sick. She made sure they took their medicine and vitamins. Luisa still does most of that, but she doesn’t cook for all 40 children every day. She says she loves being there. It is therapy for her!

Lalo is a wonderful dad to the children. He has such patience! He plays soccer with them and rides bikes in the mountains with them. He takes them to soccer practice. Many of the kids like to “help” him with his projects around the house. They repair bicycles, cars, and trucks! They are learning quite a bit from Lalo!

Luisa and Lalo are God given mentors and coaches as well as mom and dad to all the children that live at La Gran Familia!

NewWineskins One Mission 2022

The September 2022 conference was a great blessing to those that attended. Eight of our churches had clergy, lay, and children participate.

Videos from the conference will become available on the NewWineskins website. It is expected to take some time to make them available as it was a very large conference.

Attendees to the NewWineskins 2022 Conference

Letter from a former resident of La Gran Familia who is now a chef at a seafood restaurant in Cuauhtemoc.

My name is Rito Adrian Castillo Saenz. I am a resident of La Gran Familia de Gregory, a place where the mission is to help children and youth to be, not only professionals, but also good people that will help their community.

We are proud to be studying in school whether in elementary, secondary, high school, or at the university level. We share a common goal: to help people that need it most. One day we want to be able to give back to LGF, even a small part of what it has given to us. We want to become sponsors just like you.

For all of us here you are very special and have earned the love and respect that you deserve. You have a big heart. I know this because you help people without expecting anything in return. However, what you don’t know is that you have won a place in our hearts and an eternal home in heaven.

Thank you for helping us,
Rito Adrian Castillo Saenz

Opportunities to Engage

Engaging the church in mission can feel like an overwhelming task, even for congregations that have been mission focused for years; maintaining commitment, and enthusiasm can prove difficult.  We want to help.

The World Mission Committee understands the importance of consistently providing communication that updates, inspires, and challenges each of us to make commitments, remain engaged, and push ourselves into new mission frontiers.

The World Mission Committee provides resources and mission opportunities through three main strategic relationships:

  •  Diocese of Northern Malawi Partnership and Centurion Program
  •  La Gran Familia Relationship and Sponsor A Child Program
  •  Diocese of Mandalay, Myanmar Partnership

The World Mission Committee provides opportunities for participation in these relationships through:

  •  Short term mission trips 
  • Prayer guides 
  • Support through Centurion Program and Sponsor A Child Program

We strive to provide updated and consistent communication through newsletters and web updates.

The Rev. Alan Horton 
817 417-7714