Malawi Summer Mission Opportunity


Jesus said, “What do you have? Bring it to me!” John 6:1-14

Share your “lunch” to feed children in Malawi.


in partnership with


$10 provides a child’s daily porridge for a year.
Any amount gratefully accepted.

To Donate:

Make checks payable to:
True Awakening
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Dallas, TX 75229

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Bishop Fanuel Magangani, in partnership with TRUE AWAKENING, feeds children at four schools in the Diocese of Northern Malawi (DNM). These village schools have between 600-700 students enrolled in grades 1-8. Many of the students live in homes without electricity and many walk long distances to school. Along with the standard curriculum, the schools teach Bible stories to the students from all backgrounds – all denominations, Muslim, atheist, etc.

Through this feeding program the children are fed a nutritious porridge each day. The goal is to keep students attending school through 8th grade by helping with their hunger. The MY LUNCH PROGRAM will help the DNM continue to feed the students. Education is the path out of poverty and food is the key to increasing education. MY LUNCH PROGRAM provides opportunities for our churches to come alongside the Church in Malawi as they work to reduce poverty and improve levels of education.

Malawi is the eighth poorest country in the world and the Diocese of Northern Malawi is in the most rural part of the country. Visitors are often greeted in the villages with singing and dancing! What a blessing it is to be in relationship with the church there. For more information on the Diocese of Northern Malawi and our companion relationship, churches might enjoy our video, “Malawi Then and Now”. Click Here for the Video.


The Rt. Rev. Ryan S. Reed, D.D., Bishop of Fort Worth

Bishop Ry;an Reed

Participating in Global Mission on any level transforms our perspective of God and His plan for the nations. Seeing God at work in the world inspires and reminds us of our purpose and role in both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The World Mission Committee is appointed to provide resources to the congregations of the Diocese so that each church can receive the blessings participation in mission can bring.

The goal has always been for every church in the Diocese to participate in Global Mission in some way. Participation can be through prayer, financial support, or sending and receiving missionaries.

As a Diocese, we continue to focus on strategic partnerships and relationships in order to provide congregations with opportunities for engagement.

The Diocese seeks to support its neighbors in Mexico, its friends in Malawi; and now it is reaching towards countries where Christianity is a small minority, by beginning to partner in prayer with the Diocese of Mandalay in Myanmar.

I encourage every congregation to find ways to participate. Look through the pages of this Web site to see what God has already done and see where he may be calling you to join him.

Mother’s Day Ingathering Continuing God’s Work in Mexico

Honoring: A special woman in your life

Benefitting: God’s ministry of La Gran Familia Children’s Home in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. We in the Diocese of Fort Worth have supported this ministry for the last 25 years! This year’s donation will go towards helping with tuition of 4 students that are starting their 1st year of college! There are 3 other students continuing to work on their college degree! They could never have had this opportunity without La Gran Familia’s and your help.

Offering envelopes and presentation cards will be available in English and/or Spanish in your church through May 14th. Please make checks payable to The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth with Mother’s Day in the memo line. You may put them in the offering envelopes found in your church. Be sure and fill in your name and your honoree’s name.

Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

Barbara Hautanen,
WMC Mexico Sub-committee Chair,